Spinning Technician: Spincraft MA

Spincraft MA, North Billerica Facility


Job Duties

  • Work with complex Spinning Machines, Trimming Compounds or simple machine tools.
  • Set-up, spin, trim all types of jobs, repeat, pre-engineered or new in metals such as aluminum, Inconel, copper, and brass.
  • Use overhead cranes, fork lifts, and fork truck and various hand tools.
  • Trained to set-up and operate machines while maintaining safety and productivity.
  • Is able to work overtime as required.
  • Follow Production drawings and instructions.

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED), plus 3-10 years’ experience spinning, metal forming or machining.
  • Ability to read/write and comprehend instructions, use computer to enter data.
  • Certification in overhead crane operation and inspection, fork truck and lifts. Hazcom and other machine specific safety training preferred.


A.  CLIMBING          OCCASIONALLY              To climb on top of spin tooling

                                   FREQUENTLY                To climb up steps of the #3 spin lathe


B. BENDING/STOOPING  OCCASIONALLY  To load and unload steel parts


C.  KNEELING        OCCASIONALLY             To load and unload steel parts


D.  CRAWLING       OCCASIONALLLY           To load and unload steel parts from Spinner

E.  ¬≠LIFTING              OCCASIONALLY            75-100 lbs to lift compound lifting poles

                                   FREQUENTLY              25-50 lbs to lift compound lifting poles

                                   HEAVIEST                     The heaviest weight lifted 100 lbs.


F.  CARRYING        OCCASIONALLY              75-100 lbs to carry compound lifting rods

                                   FREQUENTLY               25-50 lbs to carry various parts and tools


G.  PUSHING          OCCASIONALLY              When using Allen wrench to load and unload steel parts from lathe.

H.  PULLING           OCCASIONALLY              When using a wrench to secure machines to floor.

I.   REACHING        OCCASIONALLY              To turn on/off torch valve at a height of 6 feet.

J.  HANDLING         OCCAISIONALLY             To use heavy machine tools.


K. FINGERING        OCCASIONALLY              To regulate torch valves