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Metal Forming Solutions  Standex ETG applies innovative metal forming technologies to manufacture cost-effective, single source solutions for customers in the diversified markets of aviation, defense, energy, medical and space systems. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities house world-class capabilities including; metal-forming, machining, heat-treating, welding and more. 


Standex ETG provides superior manufacturing solutions to the world’s major aircraft engine manufacturers, airframe builders, system integrator and their Tier1 suppliers. Our solutions are applied in both commercial and military applications.

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Proven experience with today’s most advanced materials and requirements needed to support the Defense market with Aviation, Marine Propulsion, Military Vehicle and Missile hardware components.

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From complex assemblies to single components, the ETG group has been a major supplier to the Energy Industry for over 30 years. Forming to net or near-net profile reduces input material, machining, welding and production time.

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Spincraft has 50+ years’ experience supplying to a diverse range of medical applications requiring stringent specifications. From centrifuges to scanning technology, all demand precision component and design integrity.

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Space Systems

ETG forming processes have the ability to reduce part-count, eliminate welds and reduce weight; critical requirements within the Space Systems market. Our vertically integrated facilities further support large-scale parts and assemblies.

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The Engineering Technologies Group offers a variety of Forming Process used singularly or in combination, to realize optimum product net or near-net shape. Our precision forming experience extends through Expanding, Hydroforming, Press Forming, Shear Forming, Spinning and beyond.   LEARN MORE

Spincraft UK: Better Health at Work, Bronze Award 2018

  • Jan 9, 2019

Sept 2018, Spincraft Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK:  ETG’s Spincraft facility proudly achieved Bronze Status from the UK based ‘Better Health at Work’ (BHAW) program in Sept 2018.  The award required an in-depth assessment of Spincraft’s compliance to a set of 10 Criterion set forth by the organization.   

This journey began in April 2017, with Spincraft UK assigning 3 employees for Health Advocate Training.   These Spincraft employees came from HR, Sales and workforce departments; and would become the driving force behind the program and responsible for communications with BHAW.  The Health Advocates were responsible for internal communications, implementation and execution of the various programs, as well as gathering and recording supporting evidence of compliance.

Spincraft’s commitment to the Better Health at Work program involved the following:
1. Run three health events in 2018
2. Promote mental health and wellbeing.
3. Raise awareness of risky alcohol and drug use.
4. Ensure employees are aware of dietary issues and promote healthy food choices.
5. Enforce smoke free legislation.
6. Analyze sickness absence trends.
7. Evaluate employee welfare facilities.
8. Ensure ongoing communication on wellbeing issues.
9. Be audited on progress toward the bronze award.

Spincraft ran several campaigns throughout the year to focus on various wellness topics.  Actions ranged from simple awareness activities such as posters and brochure distribution, to holding company events complete with speakers from various health professions.   Of the many actions over the year, Spincraft Health Advocates felt the most significant based on company involvement and feedback were the following: 

Stress and Mental Health:  A presentation from Sally Allen Trust featured a speaker discussing the importance of mental wellbeing.  Topics covered recognizing signs of stress and depression, the serious potential results if symptoms are not treated, and small but effective steps we can all take to combat these illnesses. The presentation included a poignant introduction from Gordon Allen, Sally’s widow, who touched upon the impact to the families of those suffering from stress and depression.  

Health MOT:  Employees were invited to attend an on-site appointment with a nurse for a general health review.  This included a check on height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as additional age-appropriate checks for those over 45 years.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness:  Employees in small groups attended a workshop which highlighted how alcohol can impair your senses. Each attendant had the opportunity to wear ‘beer googles’ which re-created the effects of alcohol on your vision, and then took part in a simple exercise whilst wearing the googles.

Musculoskeletal:  Spincraft reached out to local Physiotherapist, Matt Denby of Embrace Physiotherapy, who provided a presentation and workshop. Matt demonstrated various exercises that could be done at work and/or at home to help prevent various musculoskeletal disorders. 

Other campaigns included Healthy Eating and Weight Management, Physical Activity, Stop Smoking, Hydration, and Cancer awareness.

Congratulations to Spincraft Health Advocates Ricky Forsyth, Ni Hazard, and Kingsley ‘Chic’ Irving for a job well done.  And to Spincraft UK employees for supporting and embracing Better Health at Work.  Plans are underway for 2019 programs as Spincraft’s next goal will be the Silver Award.

Spincraft UK Health Advocates and several employees are shown with the Better Health at Work Bronze Award.