Spincraft Collaborates on Aviation Manufacturing Alternatives

Spincraft Collaborates on Aviation Manufacturing Alternatives

Spincraft has been a long-time supplier to the European aviation sector by leveraging its in-house spinning, shear forming and machining capabilities out of its Newcastle facilities. 

As part of the continuing initiatives to develop cost-effective manufacturing alternatives, Spincraft has an opportunity to impact an ATI-funded project by collaborating with Rolls-Royce and the Advanced Forming Research Centre. This project will examine the business case and technical considerations for a wider deployment of spun formed parts into aero-engine assemblies. The material utilization and lead time advantages over existing methods are thought to present a compelling case for process change.

Members of Spincraft’s Engineering and Manufacturing departments had the opportunity to visit the Rolls-Royce facility in Derby to discuss part layouts and potential solutions across current engine platforms including different hot section components where a one-piece spun option has the ability to accelerate lead times, improve quality and reduce costs vs alternative manufacturing approaches. Spincraft prides itself on long-term customer collaborations with leading firms like Rolls to identify and implement cost-effective ideas using our advanced metal forming capabilities. 

While onsite, our teammates were also treated to a tour of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Exhibition. The Heritage collection is home to a noteworthy selection of historically significant Rolls-Royce engines. Additionally, the Centre displays a scale model of the Spirit of Innovation, the world’s record-winning fastest electric aircraft that reached a top speed of 555.9 km/h over 3 kilometers in 2021. 

Spincraft’s visit was a great reminder of the heritage and evolution of flight hardware development. The visit was productive in identifying new opportunities we can support in future aerospace development suitable for our processes of spinning, shear forming, press forming and flow forming.