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Metal Forming Solutions

Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) applies innovative metal forming technologies to manufacture cost-effective, single source solutions for customers in the diversified markets of aviation, defense, energy, medical and space systems. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities house world-class capabilities; including metal-forming heat-treating, machining, welding and more. We provide turnkey solutions with alternative manufacturing approaches and on-site technical and design assistance. We employ the most highly-skilled operators in the precision metal-forming manufacturing industry. And, our engineers are experienced in project management from conception through completion, developing technical roadmaps based on customer needs.

Dynamic and Responsive Customer Service

Standex ETG is focused on establishing operational excellence and delivering the highest-quality precision-fabricated products for our customers. Through the use of conventional and innovative methods across a range of specialty equipment, we are able to reduce costs across an unmatched range of formed sizes, shapes, and alloys. Nothing is more critical to us than strong and lasting alliances with our customers.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

With six facilities located in the US and UK, the Standex ETG group provides global manufacturing solutions through collaborative engineering efforts. Precision net and near-net forming technologies are utilized with vertically integrated manufacturing processes. The results are fabrications delivered with reduced input weight, part-count and cycle times.

Spincraft US:

  • North Billerica, MA:  Acquired by Standex in 1969
  • New Berlin, WI (Commerce Dr):  Acquired by Standex in 1971
  • New Berlin, WI (Beloit Rd):  New plant opened July 2016

Spincraft UK: Acquired by Standex in 2011

  • Newcastle upon Tyne, Newburn
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, Benwell

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About Standex International Corporation

Standex is a diversified global manufacturing company focused on profitable growth organically and through acquisition. The company is organized into five major business groups: Food Service, Engraving, Engineering Technologies, Electronics and Hydraulics. Standex's diversification across multiple lines of business has enabled the company to achieve earnings consistency throughout market and economic cycles. Learn more about Standex.