Standex Day of Service: Enginetics

  • Jan 30, 2018

Enginetics_DayOfService_Jan2018 bJanuary, 2018:    New for 2018, Standex International Corporation is supporting a Day of Service program throughout the Standex companies.  Strongly driven by President, David Dunbar, the program allows Standex facilities to partner with a local charity to help provide service within the community.  Teams of employees volunteer together during their work day to support a particular charity program or event.

The Enginetics plant in Huber Heights, OH chose to work with the St. Vincent de Paul organization out of Dayton.  The size of the Enginetics facility and vast scope of St. Vincent services paired well to allow various teams of rotating employees to support programs over several months.  Once a month the participating team will purchase, prepare and assemble 100+ bagged lunches for SVDP to distribute to various clients.  Other teams will serve Lunch or Dinner at one of the local shelters.  Several other one-time projects are also available for additional volunteer efforts as needed.

Initial feedback on the program has been overwhelmingly positive, even at this early stage.  Enginetics’ event coordinator, Bobbi Andreatta, reported that the first volunteers were very pleased to have the opportunity to help within their community, and were requesting additional opportunities.

Look for further highlights on the Day of Service program as other ETG and Standex facilities continue to participate throughout the new year.

below:  Enginetics employees Angie Cox, Kerry Reeser, Sean Merritt, and Marvin Rowe (not pictured) served lunch at the men’s homeless shelter.