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Aviation Industry Expertise

Spincraft provides superior metal forming aviation solutions to the world’s major airframers, aircraft engine manufacturers, system integrators and their Tier 1 suppliers. As a result of decades of forming experience, our unique capabilities enable us to identify, develop and industrialize processes.

These processes align well with aviation market requirements. They include lightweight, high-strength alloys like titanium and Inconel. Additionally, these include high buy-to-fly ratios, demanding product tolerances and the highest quality industry standards.

Airplane Engine on the Tarmac

Leading Aviation Solutions

Since Spincraft’s teams are industry experts, they can provide advice on material types and characteristics.  Furthermore, they can give knowledgeable suggestions on the best forming processes and part engineering to meet your needs. On account of Spincraft’s diverse portfolio of forming solutions and capabilities, we help our customers achieve parts requiring large envelope sizes and/or complex geometries with exotic materials. Through collaboration with our customers, we are able to find a solution that enables input material, part count and complexity reduction. All of which lead to lower manufacturing costs.

We are able to complement the Spincraft processes that enable these near-net solutions because:

For the reasons listed above, our solutions are found on many leading growth platforms. These critical solutions have been recognized with supplier awards from the industry’s largest players.


Nacelles often bring forth protection to the engines and fuel tanks that are found along an aircraft’s wingspan. Some examples of these parts that we can offer include:

Sample Engine Components

Fan Guide Produced using Expand Forming

Primary Manufacturing Capabilities

Explore our core-forming technologies, support technologies and material types used to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions.