Spincraft Receives Airbus D2P Supplier Award

Airbus Award for Spincraft

Spincraft Receives Airbus D2P Supplier Award

Airbus Award for Spincraft

Spincraft, a Standex Engineering Technologies Group company, is pleased to announce that we were recently recognized at the annual Airbus Detail Parts Partner Conference and Awards (D2P) held on March 14th in France.

Spincraft received an award under the Specialist category for strong contributions and superior performance over the last year, specifically great collaboration, delivery and performance by the Spincraft WI team on A320neo lipskins and the Spincraft UK site’s proactive approach to developing prototype hardware solutions for the ZEROe initiative.

This award is a direct result of Spincraft’s proven track record of sustaining operational reliability, delivering on our commitments, cultivating customer intimacy and supplying cost-effective advanced metal forming solutions.

A big congratulations to our global Spincraft team for making this possible. Contact us to discuss how we can support your manufacturing challenges.

Specialty Manufacturing of Clad Lipskins

Aviation Engine Components

Specialty Manufacturing of Clad Lipskins

Metal Formed Clad Lipskin

Standex Engineering Technologies Group’s Spincraft business has tailored its innovative metal spinning capabilities to become a leading supplier to the aviation sector of nacelle inlet lipskins. Our teammates have leveraged industry knowledge and process expertise to successfully deliver manufactured solutions for the industry’s smallest and largest aircraft, meeting the highest requirements of consistency and quality. Spincraft know-how is relied on by many industry leaders for critical niche solutions, including the specialty manufacturing of clad aluminum lipskins that we are highlighting here.

Today, Spincraft is one of the very few manufacturers offering clad aluminum lipskin processing. Clad aluminum inlets provide a distinct set of characteristics that are valued within the business jet market. The base layer of the material maintains quality mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. The top layer allows for superior corrosion resistance and the ability to polish to a mirror-like finish. Therefore, a clad aluminum lipskin provides a combination of strength and beauty in the final product. Our business jet customers immediately notice the brilliance of these shining lipskins and they appreciate the longevity provided by this durable material.

The Spincraft technical team collaborated across sites to develop a streamlined manufacturing process that utilizes spinning technology to produce clad aluminum lipskins. The process requires specialized techniques to move the stronger base material in forming while not damaging or thinning the more delicate clad layer. This technique is a careful balance that Spincraft has achieved to meet demanding product tolerances and industry requirements. Additionally, Spincraft personnel have refined the necessary non-destructive inspection techniques that ensure the proper amount of cladding remains on the product at the conclusion of processing.

The Spincraft team has a proven track record as an innovative solutions provider to the aviation sector. We encourage you to contact a Spincraft representative to discuss how we can collaborate and support your metal forming needs.

Aviation Engine Components

Standex ETG selected by Airbus to support ZEROe aircraft development

Hydrogen H2 Zero Emission Adobe Stock

Standex Engineering Technologies Group selected by Airbus to support ZEROe aircraft development

Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) has announced that its Spincraft business has received a contract from Airbus to manufacture prototype domes for the ZEROe aircraft cryogenic hydrogen storage tank. The contract expands Spincraft’s support of Airbus solutions beyond single-piece lipskins for the inlets on the A320neo family.

Hydrogen H2 Zero Emission Adobe Stock

The ZEROe initiative represents Airbus’s commitment to putting into service the world’s first commercial zero-emissions aircraft by 2035. One of the most important and innovative technologies needed to achieve this goal is the effective in-flight storage of liquid hydrogen fuel. Spincraft will manufacture the first sets of tank dome hardware to support Airbus’s development efforts in this area.

This prototype tank development will leverage Spincraft’s decades of experience forming domes for space launch vehicle cryogenic fuel tanks to deliver a cost-effective solution. Spincraft will produce single-piece spun and machined domes out of its UK facility located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

“We are excited to deliver a component that is so critical for making the future of hydrogen-powered flight a reality,” said Don Murray, Managing Director of Spincraft UK. “This work reflects our North East site’s evolution into a leading advanced metal forming solutions provider in the European aerospace and defense markets.”

Len Paolillo, President of Standex ETG commented, “This contract marks a key milestone in bringing our space dome heritage to the high-growth aviation market. ETG’s leading capabilities in design collaboration and CNC spin-forming position us well to support Airbus development efforts that will culminate in the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft.”

About Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG): Standex ETG leverages best-in-class metal forming technologies through partnerships in industry-leading consortiums and customer intimacy to design and manufacture cost-effective solutions for customers on their advanced designs in the aviation, space, defense, and energy markets. Our team establishes deep organizational relationships enabling us to collaborate with OEMs and Tier 1 customers to reduce costs and complexity across an unmatched range of formed sizes, shapes, and alloys, using conventional and innovative methods across a range of specialty equipment.

Spincraft UK: A fundamental supplier to next-gen engine development

Metal Formed Canister for the Aviation sector

Standex ETG’s Spincraft UK: A fundamental supplier to next-generation engine development

Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) once again highlights the growing success of our Spincraft UK business. Spincraft’s demonstrated performance and increasing supply chain collaboration has led to its involvement in servicing two new technologies for a next-generation aircraft engine development program.

Metal Formed Canister

Spincraft played a critical part in supporting an important European Tier 1 at the design stage of manufacturing components within the same structure. This firm developed an engine casing utilizing a new powder Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology. With this powder being expensive, it was vital to accurately match the complex profile geometry requirements. The inner and outer parts of the canister both have a diameter of about 6ft (1.8m).

For the first element of this project, Spincraft UK supported the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) at the University of Strathclyde. We assisted in developing a high-complexity gearbox cover for a mutual customer. Our Newcastle UK site offered a combination of spin forming and press forming processes, coupled with an experienced supply chain, to efficiently produce this prototype part in a difficult-to-form precipitation hardening steel at a competitive price.

ITP Aero Metal Component

By using the HIP process, Spincraft was able to reduce input material, machining cycle times and energy consumption within the part’s production. HIP entails pressing a powdered superalloy at high pressure within a Spincraft-manufactured canister that produces the desired near-net geometry. The Spincraft solution of a spun form canister, free of any welded joints and minimizing material waste, provided a cost-effective solution suitable for serial production. This project leveraged our technical expertise in the aviation market across Standex ETG.

The Tier 1’s buyer on the program praised the partnership by saying, “It has been a very good example of a joined team working together to achieve the objective, with very satisfactory final results.”

“Our successes in this engine program speaks to the talent of our team members. By achieving these cutting-edge technical solutions, we’ve increased the adoption of our technologies by leading engine manufacturers in the development, and ultimately serial production, phase of next-generation aviation offerings,” remarked Len Paolillo, President of Standex ETG.

 “Our team is excited to collaborate with customers to identify and design new metal forming solutions that provide breakthrough performance and cost improvements for their next-generation aviation platforms.”

Innovation in Large Aircraft Lipskin Manufacturing

Manufactured lipskin

Innovation in Large Aircraft Lipskin Manufacturing

Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) takes pride in leveraging decades of experience to solve our customers’ challenges. We do this by providing new innovative metal formed solutions. Today, we are highlighting our lipskin manufacturing efforts.

Unlocking More Fuel Efficient Designs

The commercial aerospace industry is committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by mid-century. With significant research initiatives, the industry is actively developing hydrogen, electric, hybrid and 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) powered aircraft. In the meantime, airframers, nacelle and engine manufacturers are seeking nearer-term paths to reduce their carbon emissions and costs on new and in-development aircraft. One way they can do this is by increasing fuel efficiency through engine and nacelle design. Several aerospace leaders seek to use laminar flow surfaces. Using these will reduce nacelle drag and deliver the desired fuel efficiency gains.

Vertical lipskin aircraft engine component
Manufactured lipskin
Inner Lipskin

To further the research into this field, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerostructures sought to verify the viability of manufacturing a nacelle inlet lipskin for a large, long-range aircraft that could meet the tolerances needed for laminar flow. The aluminum alloy lipskin demonstrator they designed for this effort measured approximately 15 feet in diameter, nearly 4 feet on its extended outside leg and most importantly was a monolithic construction. This desired part presented a major manufacturing challenge but would offer a large step forward in the company’s knowledge base enabling new and noteworthy technical achievements.

Finding a True Manufacturing Partner

Through collaboration with ETG’s Spincraft business, the aerostructures manufacturer tackled this unique metal forming challenge. The firm recognized Spincraft’s earned pedigree of forming large metallic structures to precise contours and tolerances for leading space and aviation applications. Delivered out of ETG’s Spincraft MA facility in North Billerica, the project required innovative tooling and forming processes to fabricate the demonstrator successfully. Standex ETG engineers devised and developed a new patented process to produce the desired large monolithic lipskin envelope that could be machined to final shape.

Spincraft MA Team with lipskin

As with many experimental efforts, this project was not without challenges – particularly machining the innermost section of the lipskin with available assets and development time constraints. However, upon inspection, the majority of the part achieved required waviness requirements and any deviations were deemed resolvable.

The customer’s project was published in a research paper and presented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Scitech 2022 Forum. A link to the paper and presentation can be found here.

Your Advanced Metal Formed Solutions Provider

The Standex ETG team is proud of its achievement in delivering this innovative metal forming solution and is keen to continue working at the leading edge of aerospace manufacturing. Reach out to us with your most complex designs to learn how Standex ETG can support you.

2020 Airbus D2P Challenger Status awarded to ETG Spincraft WI

June 2020: Engineering Technologies Group recently was notified that Spincraft WI is one of 12 worldwide suppliers to achieve ‘Challenger’ Status in the Airbus 2020 Detail Parts Partnership (D2P) program. This prestigious award is issued across all divisions of Airbus and is second only to the D2P Global Supplier status issued to nine suppliers this year.

Spincraft WI has supplied Lipskins to the Airbus A320 program for three years from its second New Berlin plant built in 2016. ETG parent, Standex International, invested in the facility which specializes in 100% flow-line manufacturing for thingauge aluminum forming.

“ETG Management and the WI team are very honored to have achieved this award,” commented ETG VP Sales & Marketing David Doucette. “We greatly value our successful partnership with Airbus and look forward to our ongoing Lipskin programs and future collaborations.”
More information will be shared as further details are provided.


Spincraft UK £1M Investment Expands Aviation and Space Capabilities

Newcastle-upon-Tyne GB: May-2017: Spincraft ETG, based in the heart of northeast England, recently received £1M funding from their parent company Standex. As a provider of metal-forming solutions, this funding will allow the manufacturing plant to further expand its capacity and breadth of services, especially within the Aviation and Space markets.

What makes the Newcastle-based Spincraft plant unique is their metal forming capabilities including CNC Spin Forming, Sheer forming and Pressing (using cold and hot forming). The substantial investment will permit the creation of a brand new aeronautics manufacturing cell, allowing the Newcastle plant to offer its customers full turn-key solutions in-house.
Mike Hutchinson, Spincraft’s Operation Director said:

“Matching our investment with our customer’s long term needs is crucial for the future of the Newcastle plant. Our highly committed and experienced teams are anxiously awaiting the new cell”
The initial stage of the investment includes the following processes within the vertically integrated cell:
• Vertical Turning • 5-Axis milling • CMM and Control Room • FPI Inspection • Laser Faro Scanners • Shadow Graph & Part Marking
Cell construction is well underway, and initial segments are expected online as early as summer 2017.
Catherine McKinnel, currently standing as candidate for Labour Member of Parliament for Newcastle North, recently visited Spincraft to learn more about the plant’s capabilities and future plans. McKinnel toured the Newburn facility and had the opportunity to meet with management and factory employees.
Catherine reported:
“It’s really exciting to know that world-leading technology developed and manufactured here in Newcastle is winging its way into space – but even more so to learn that we could be playing a leading role in this growing international industry in the years to come. I am looking forward to supporting Spincraft’s plans for the future.”
McKinnells full review of her Spincraft ETG visit can be found at
About Spincraft, Standex Engineering Technologies Group
SPINCRAFT and ENGINETICS form Standex’s Engineering Technologies Group (ETG). Six facilities across the US and UK provide global manufacturing solutions via collaborative engineering efforts. Precision metal forming technologies are supported by vertically integrated manufacturing processes. ETG solutions support Aviation, Defence and Space-System markets. For more information about Spincraft and Enginetics, visit www.standexetg.com
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Standex Awarded Contract from Airbus for A320neo Aircraft

SALEM, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standex International Corporation (NYSE:SXI) today announced that Spincraft, the Company’s engineered products metal fabrication business unit in its Engineering Technologies Group, has received a long-term contract from Airbus to produce single-piece lipskins for the nacelles on the Airbus A320neo, one of the largest-selling commercial aircrafts in the world. The contract, which runs through 2021, represents Spincraft’s second major award for the A320 neo program following last year’s announcement of the award for the geared turbo fan engine. Under the terms of the agreement, Spincraft will produce single piece spun and machined lipskins for 750 A320neo aircraft. The lipskins will be included in the aircraft’s CFM International LEAP-X engine option. Program development of the lip is expected to begin in early 2015, with the initial delivery scheduled for 2016.1
“This new contract for the A320neo marks our first direct supplier agreement with Airbus,” said Len Paolillo, President of Standex’s Engineering Technologies Group. “We will be using CNC forming technologies that we have developed and refined over the years, along with investments in other processes to support the production for this product line. This is a significant win for the Engineering Technologies Group in our targeted high-growth aviation market. The A320neo is one of the leading fuel-efficient planes in the industry today, and we have worked closely with Airbus, and will continue to collaborate with them to provide solutions in their efforts to achieve cost and efficiency improvements on their aircraft.1”

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