Spincraft UK Hits Manufacturing Milestone

Ship Stock Photo for Energy Market

Spincraft UK Hits Manufacturing Milestone

Most know Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) and its Spincraft businesses are recognized widely for innovative metal formed solutions used in Aerospace and Defense. But did you know we are also a leading manufacturing solutions provider in other markets such as Energy?

ETG’s Spincraft UK site recently celebrated manufacturing their 10,000th spun-formed flexible joint element. These elements are vital components of complex assemblies in oil and gas market exploration and extraction operations.

Oil and Gas Shim
Energy Flexjoint Shim
Metal Formed Shims Nested

Flexible joints have multiple uses in the industry. They couple oil and gas pipes to surface vessels or platforms and seabed structures. These are often situated miles below the surface under incredible pressures. Flexible joints also function as anchor bearings for Tendon Leg Platforms (TLP) where they are used to keep the platform on station. Joints are required to keep platforms and their crew safe even amidst the most violent storms, where loads on the joint can exceed 4000 tonnes (9 million lbs). For these critical roles, you can trust Spincraft parts to perform flawlessly.

Over 20+ years, Spincraft has developed and optimized the proprietary process used to cold spin-form this solution for integration into the next level assembly for multiple industry leaders. We consistently meet or exceed our customers’ specifications on several challenging high-strength alloys with a tensile strength of over 1000Mpa/145 KSI. Here’s to the next 10,000!

Forming in Process for Energy Parts
Two Metal Formed Shims

To learn more about our energy market capabilities and solutions, Click Here. Reach out to learn how Standex ETG and Spincraft can solve your most critical metal formed needs in nearly every market.

Spincraft UK Opens its Doors to Chi Onwurah MP for National Manufacturing Day

Make UK , Spincraft and MP of Newcastle Central

On July 7, 2022, Spincraft UK enjoyed welcoming Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, to its Benwell facility for an in-depth site tour demonstrating our advanced metal forming capabilities. Managing Director Don Murray and staff proudly provided the facility tour. They highlighted many of Spincraft’s core solutions that are critical for the global aerospace, medical, defence and energy sectors.


“It was a pleasure to introduce Chi Onwurah to the people and products of Spincraft. Her natural affinity for Engineering and Manufacturing was evident and made our discussions both easy and insightful,” said Don Murray.


National Manufacturing Day at Spincraft UK


Some of the vital solutions Ms. Onwurah was introduced to by the team included MRI scanner vessel ends, space launch-vehicle hardware and other precision-engineered products. The Spincraft team shared an overview of where these manufactured solutions can be found in new generation space launch vehicles and satellites, medical imaging devices, deepwater rigs and more.


In an article posted by The Manufacturer, Chi Onwurah was quoted saying, “I was delighted to visit Spincraft and hear about their plans to grow their crucial, specialist manufacturing business. It was thrilling to learn that components of rockets that go to Jupiter and beyond are being made by the Tyne in Benwell.”


Chi Onwurah MP Visiting Spincraft UK


Newcastle has a significant manufacturing history and Spincraft UK has decades of experience contributing to the North East manufacturing sector. The Benwell and Newburn Spincraft sites are currently in a growth phase as they begin transforming from manufacturing traditional metal spinning products to increasingly higher specification and value complex solutions. The site stands poised to shape the next generation of global space flight, zero-emission aviation and nuclear energy.


This visit was in partnership with Make UK’s National Manufacturing Day initiatives. The goal of National Manufacturing Day is for UK manufacturers to showcase uniquely specialized in-house technologies to their local community while raising awareness of the benefits manufacturing provides to various markets that influence our everyday life. Additionally, this event provided exposure to well-paid career opportunities within manufacturing.


Sample Metal Forming Solutions


Learn more about Spincraft UK’s capabilities and how we can solve your sector’s most challenging forming needs with cost-effective advanced metal forming solutions. Visit our website for more information on our in-house assets and diverse portfolio of solutions, click here.

Martyn Jones to Retire From Spincraft UK

Spincraft UK Team Together for Marty Jones' Retirement

Standex ETG is proud to recognize Martyn Jones in honor of his retirement this month after an amazing 48+ years with our Spincraft UK business. Martyn has played a critical role in keeping facility equipment running to support customer demands and helping the business transition from hydraulic power-assisted to CNC forming technology. He has seen and supported the transformation of the UK facility as it has developed new capabilities and solutions in Aerospace, Defence and beyond.

A luncheon was held in Martyn’s honor to thank him for his commitment and contributions to Spincraft and Standex ETG.

We wish him the best of luck and a happy retirement!


Spincraft UK Team Together for Marty Jones' Retirement

Spincraft UK: Better Health at Work, Bronze Award 2018

Sept 2018, Spincraft Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK: ETG’s Spincraft facility proudly achieved Bronze Status from the UK based ‘Better Health at Work’ (BHAW) program in Sept 2018. The award required an in-depth assessment of Spincraft’s compliance to a set of 10 Criterion set forth by the organization.

This journey began in April 2017, with Spincraft UK assigning 3 employees for Health Advocate Training. These Spincraft employees came from HR, Sales and workforce departments; and would become the driving force behind the program and responsible for communications with BHAW. The Health Advocates were responsible for internal communications, implementation and execution of the various programs, as well as gathering and recording supporting evidence of compliance.

Spincraft’s commitment to the Better Health at Work program involved the following: 1. Run three health events in 2018 2. Promote mental health and wellbeing. 3. Raise awareness of risky alcohol and drug use. 4. Ensure employees are aware of dietary issues and promote healthy food choices. 5. Enforce smoke free legislation. 6. Analyze sickness absence trends. 7. Evaluate employee welfare facilities. 8. Ensure ongoing communication on wellbeing issues. 9. Be audited on progress toward the bronze award.

Spincraft ran several campaigns throughout the year to focus on various wellness topics. Actions ranged from simple awareness activities such as posters and brochure distribution, to holding company events complete with speakers from various health professions. Of the many actions over the year, Spincraft Health Advocates felt the most significant based on company involvement and feedback were the following:

Stress and Mental Health: A presentation from Sally Allen Trust featured a speaker discussing the importance of mental wellbeing. Topics covered recognizing signs of stress and depression, the serious potential results if symptoms are not treated, and small but effective steps we can all take to combat these illnesses. The presentation included a poignant introduction from Gordon Allen, Sally’s widow, who touched upon the impact to the families of those suffering from stress and depression.

Health MOT: Employees were invited to attend an on-site appointment with a nurse for a general health review. This included a check on height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as additional age-appropriate checks for those over 45 years.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness: Employees in small groups attended a workshop which highlighted how alcohol can impair your senses. Each attendant had the opportunity to wear ‘beer googles’ which re-created the effects of alcohol on your vision, and then took part in a simple exercise whilst wearing the googles.

Musculoskeletal: Spincraft reached out to local Physiotherapist, Matt Denby of Embrace Physiotherapy, who provided a presentation and workshop. Matt demonstrated various exercises that could be done at work and/or at home to help prevent various musculoskeletal disorders.

Other campaigns included Healthy Eating and Weight Management, Physical Activity, Stop Smoking, Hydration, and Cancer awareness.

Congratulations to Spincraft Health Advocates Ricky Forsyth, Ni Hazard, and Kingsley ‘Chic’ Irving for a job well done. And to Spincraft UK employees for supporting and embracing Better Health at Work. Plans are underway for 2019 programs as Spincraft’s next goal will be the Silver Award.

Spincraft UK Health Advocates and several employees are shown with the Better Health at Work Bronze Award.

Spincraft UK £1M Investment Expands Aviation and Space Capabilities

Newcastle-upon-Tyne GB: May-2017: Spincraft ETG, based in the heart of northeast England, recently received £1M funding from their parent company Standex. As a provider of metal-forming solutions, this funding will allow the manufacturing plant to further expand its capacity and breadth of services, especially within the Aviation and Space markets.

What makes the Newcastle-based Spincraft plant unique is their metal forming capabilities including CNC Spin Forming, Sheer forming and Pressing (using cold and hot forming). The substantial investment will permit the creation of a brand new aeronautics manufacturing cell, allowing the Newcastle plant to offer its customers full turn-key solutions in-house.
Mike Hutchinson, Spincraft’s Operation Director said:

“Matching our investment with our customer’s long term needs is crucial for the future of the Newcastle plant. Our highly committed and experienced teams are anxiously awaiting the new cell”
The initial stage of the investment includes the following processes within the vertically integrated cell:
• Vertical Turning • 5-Axis milling • CMM and Control Room • FPI Inspection • Laser Faro Scanners • Shadow Graph & Part Marking
Cell construction is well underway, and initial segments are expected online as early as summer 2017.
Catherine McKinnel, currently standing as candidate for Labour Member of Parliament for Newcastle North, recently visited Spincraft to learn more about the plant’s capabilities and future plans. McKinnel toured the Newburn facility and had the opportunity to meet with management and factory employees.
Catherine reported:
“It’s really exciting to know that world-leading technology developed and manufactured here in Newcastle is winging its way into space – but even more so to learn that we could be playing a leading role in this growing international industry in the years to come. I am looking forward to supporting Spincraft’s plans for the future.”
McKinnells full review of her Spincraft ETG visit can be found at
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