Core Capabilities: Forming Expertise

ETG offers a variety of Forming Process used singularly or in combination, to realize optimum product net or near-net shape.  Further versatility in our manufacturing processes and material capabilities allow the Advanced Engineering team to achieve optimum manufacturing solutions for our customer’s challenges.

Forming CapabilitiesSpincraft MASpincraft WISpincraft UK
Press Forming
Shear Forming

Expanding >

Expanding produces shapes in cylindrical parts with tight radii using containments, and optimizes material utilization by minimizing drop off that other forming methods produce. This method of forming produces close tolerances in profiles, concentricity, diameters, and roundness with virtually no tool marks.


  • Diameter  range 6” to  96 “ (152mm to 2,438mm)
  • Up to 3” (76 mm) diametrically in single expansion
  • Height 1” to  48” (254 mm to 1,219 mm)
  • Max capacity 600 tons

Press Forming >

We offer a wide range of cold forming press options:

  • Forming pressures ranging from 15 ton up to 750 ton capability
  • Platten sizes as large as 72” x 54” (1,829 mm x 1,372 mm) can accommodate some of the larger parts
  • Most presses have hydraulic cushions to allow for more complex part processing

Shear Forming >

Shear forming allows the unique ability to utilize the maximum forming force to save cost on raw material and optimize the Fly-to-Buy ratio of delivered product. This is accomplished through detailed engineering design and analysis to provide an accurate and repeatable solution to customer design challenges. When customer designs exceed the limit of raw material suppliers, ETG’s Shear Forming ability can provide a path from concept to product realization.


  • Excellent for achieving near net and final forms 
  • Reduce material input by eliminating the need for forging or bar stock 
  • Reduce weld joints by incorporating multiple parts into one formed part
  • Reduce secondary machining operations 

Spinning Highlights >

ETG spinning experience provides the ability to form complex net and near-net product geometries from most all readily formable materials.  Capabilities include Axis Symmetrical as well as Axis Oval-shaped forming.  Offered in combination with vertically integrated processes such as heat treatment and machining, spinning provides a streamlined manufacturing process to deliver quality product with shorter lead times compared to conventional forgings.

Largest Spinning Lathes:

  • Capable of forming plate diameters up to 209” (5,309 mm)
  • Ability to spin plate up to 5” (127 mm) thick

CNC Controls with Teach and Play Functionality:

  • Repeatable, consistent close tolerance shapes and metal thicknesses
  • Secondary machining operations
  • Consistent finishes
  • Reduced new process development

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