Small copper, stainless carbon steel, aluminum, Inconel, Strenx 900 components

Precision Engineered Products

Our unique metal forming and fabrication capabilities enable our customers to achieve cost-effective solutions in a wide array of commercial and industrial markets. We collaborate with potential customers through engineering and process design conversations to arrive at a solution delivered to exact specifications, on time and within budget. Our unparalleled forming experience and expertise, combined with industry-best capabilities and quality standards, make us your go-to supplier for whatever complex metal component and assembly challenges your business is facing.

Collaborative Engineering Approach

Our Advanced Engineering team works closely with customers to determine the appropriate design and process for optimized manufacturing of the desired solution.

Projects benefit from the input of engineering leadership across the Standex Engineering Technologies Group set of sites and businesses.

We are also able to consult our thought partners at the Advanced Forming Research Centre and TWI to overcome the most difficult challenges.

This deep well of knowledge and experience enables us to offer fully integrated solutions with great confidence.

Standex ETG - Collaborative Engineering

Standex ETG

Key Benefits

Our unique forming and fabrication capabilities create a best-in-class value proposition via:

  • Reduced input mass & machining hours (less waste)
  • Reduction of welds through single-piece construction
  • Reduced part count & complexity through integral features to unlock waste savings
  • Reduction in assembly times
  • Accelerated lead times
  • Potential improvement of material properties
  • Vertical integration to offer turnkey solutions

Markets Served

Spincraft metal forming solutions offer major cost and performance benefits to a diverse set of industries today including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial centrifuges
  • Industrial pumping
  • Automotive
  • Filtration and air handling
  • Medical
  • Nuclear

Standex ETG - Metal Forming

Capabilities used to deliver precision engineered products include:

Core Forming Tech

Core Forming Technologies

  • Spin Forming
  • Hot Spin Forming
  • Shear Forming
  • Hydraulic Pressing
  • Expansion Forming
  • Tool Design
  • Tool Manufacture

Supporting Machining Tech
Supporting Technologies

  • Machining
  • Waterjet
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • CMM Inspection
  • Component Assembly

Polishing Robot
Material Experiences

  • Aluminum alloys, 2000-7000
  • Nickel alloys, Inconels, Hastelloys and Haynes
  • Titanium alloys, CP and 6AL 4V
  • Stainless steels


Stainless Steel Macerator Assembly
Catalytic Converter: Automotive


Stainless Steel Shear Formed Cone
Spun Copper Liner
Flexjoint Reinforcement


Perforated Filtration Component
Perforated Filtration Component
Stainless Steel Macerator Assembly
Aluminum Spun Cone with Brushed Finish


0.4mm Titanium Air Vent
Inconel Engine ring
Perforated Filtration Component
Aluminum Inlet