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Medical Industry Expertise

Spincraft has 50+ years of experience supplying a diverse range of medical applications requiring stringent technical and quality specifications. From centrifuges to scanning technology, all demand precision components and total design integrity. Success in this market has been driven by advances in our CNC metal-spinning capabilities. This enables adherence to all required performance criteria and enhanced product design. Additional benefits compared to alternative forming methods include reduced tooling costs, shorter lead times and increased material yields.

MRI head

Leading Medical Solutions

Spincraft is proud to be a leading industry manufacturer of MRI scanner components. We produce a range of pressure vessel ends utilizing both stainless steel and aluminum constructions. Pressure vessel ends require comfort with both larger dimensions, up to 2 meters in diameter, as well as complex contoured geometries including shallow formed angles.

Hardware Experience

Manufacturing Capabilities

Customer partnerships, agile business planning and a commitment to operational excellence have supported our optimized manufacturing system.

Key Partnerships

We collaborate with market-leading OEMs as well as several major Tier 1 suppliers to the medical technology industry.

Medical Systems MRI Machine