Standex ETG Defense

Defense Market

The ETG Group provides comprehensive solutions using spinning and shear forming as our core competency to reduce material input weight, decrease machining time and eliminate weld.  Our proven experience with today’s most advanced materials and requirements support the Defense Industry with a wide variety of hardware components and assemblies.


  • Bulkheads
  • Engine Hardware
  • Exhaust Liners
  • Inlet Lipskins
  • Nacelle Components
  • Particle Separators


Programs include products for applications both above and below the waterline; used for propulsion power generation or advanced weapons hardware. Equipment and processes are capable of supporting key defense hardware requirements and precise tolerances

  • Coupling Covers
  • Fairwaters
  • Mooring Bitts
  • Propulsion Components
  • Rear Engine Shroud Covers
  • Rope Guards
  • Water Wash Rings


  • Center Body
  • Liners
  • Nose Cones
  • Shell Casings and Ancillary Components
  • Warheads


  • Tank Wheels
  • Track Inserts

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Standex ETG is focused on establishing operational excellence and delivering the highest-quality precision-fabricated products for our customers. Through the use of conventional and innovative methods across a range of specialty equipment, we are able to reduce costs across an unmatched range of formed sizes, shapes, and alloys. Nothing is more critical to us than strong and lasting alliances with our customers. Learn More.