GT30 Turbine

Energy Market

From complex assemblies to single components, the ETG group has been a major supplier to the Energy Industry for more than 30 years. We have extensive experience with high-strength, high-temperature and corrosion resistant components ranging from 12” to 263” (305 mm to 6,680 mm). The Group is capable of manufacturing some of the largest Energy components and assemblies in the industry, utilizing forming processes that offer benefits of part-count reduction and weld elimination. Our vertically integrated services enable ETG to be a single-source provider across many energy applications.

Gas Turbines

  • Combustor Assemblies
  • Compressor Inlet Scroll Assemblies
  • Customized Components
  • Exhaust Diffuser Assemblies
  • Gas Turbine Combustor Liners
  • Power Reducers
  • Power Turbine Inlet Components
  • Steam Turbine Flow Guides

Nuclear Plant

  • Nuclear Fuel Handling and Storage Assemblies
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal Containers and Components
  • Seal Rings

Oil & Gas

  • Connectors
  • Flex Joint Shims
  • ROV Guide Cones and Funnels

Renewable Energy

  • Bulkhead Components for Wave and Tidal Devices
  • Flexible Coupling Components for Wave and Tidal Devices
  • Rotor Bearing Cages for Wind Turbines



Standex ETG applies innovative metal forming technologies to manufacture cost-effective, single source solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities house world-class capabilities; including metal-forming, heat-treating, machining, and more. ETG precision component hardware and assemblies can be found in a variety of advanced applications for aviation, defense, energy, medical and space system markets. Learn More.