Space Systems Market

ETG forming processes have the ability to reduce part-count, eliminate welds and reduce weight; critical requirements within the Space Systems market. We provide full-service heat treatment for aluminum, ferrous & non-ferrous alloys; and our full-service machine shops offers 5-Axis CNC up to 230” (5,842 mm) diameter, and 118” (2,997 mm) height. ETG engineers are skilled in Program and Sub-Contract Management, and support Developmental projects as well as long running programs.

The ETG team is a single-source provider for aerospace hardware applications including:

  • Crew Vehicle Stuctures
  • HALE
  • Launch Vehicle Components

Engine Components

  • Combustion Chamber Liners
  • Engine Nozzles
  • Integral Barrel Domes
  • Thrust Cones

Launch-Vehicle Hardware

  • Bulkheads
  • Domes to 17.7 feet (5.4m) diameter


  • Cryogenic Tanks
  • Internal Tank Separator Cones
  • Pressureant Tanks
  • Tank Components and Assemblies
  • Tank Liners

Our Engineers work with a variety of design software systems:

  • Internal DPD (Digital Product Definition) Process manages customer model data
  • TransMagic software verifies that converted model data remains accurate to native CAD data

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We provide turnkey solutions with alternative manufacturing approaches and on-site technical and design assistance. We employ the most highly-skilled operators in the precision metal-forming manufacturing industry. And, our engineers are experienced in project management from conception through completion, developing technical roadmaps based on customer needs. Learn More.