Specialty Manufacturing of Clad Lipskins

Metal Formed Clad Lipskin

Standex Engineering Technologies Group’s Spincraft business has tailored its innovative metal spinning capabilities to become a leading supplier to the aviation sector of nacelle inlet lipskins. Our teammates have leveraged industry knowledge and process expertise to successfully deliver manufactured solutions for the industry’s smallest and largest aircraft, meeting the highest requirements of consistency and quality. Spincraft know-how is relied on by many industry leaders for critical niche solutions, including the specialty manufacturing of clad aluminum lipskins that we are highlighting here.

Today, Spincraft is one of the very few manufacturers offering clad aluminum lipskin processing. Clad aluminum inlets provide a distinct set of characteristics that are valued within the business jet market. The base layer of the material maintains quality mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. The top layer allows for superior corrosion resistance and the ability to polish to a mirror-like finish. Therefore, a clad aluminum lipskin provides a combination of strength and beauty in the final product. Our business jet customers immediately notice the brilliance of these shining lipskins and they appreciate the longevity provided by this durable material.

The Spincraft technical team collaborated across sites to develop a streamlined manufacturing process that utilizes spinning technology to produce clad aluminum lipskins. The process requires specialized techniques to move the stronger base material in forming while not damaging or thinning the more delicate clad layer. This technique is a careful balance that Spincraft has achieved to meet demanding product tolerances and industry requirements. Additionally, Spincraft personnel have refined the necessary non-destructive inspection techniques that ensure the proper amount of cladding remains on the product at the conclusion of processing.

The Spincraft team has a proven track record as an innovative solutions provider to the aviation sector. We encourage you to contact a Spincraft representative to discuss how we can collaborate and support your metal forming needs.

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