3rd Class Spinner: Spincraft MA (North Billerica)

Oct 29, 2019, 10:01 AM
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Spincraft is a metal spinning company based in Billerica, MA. We are looking for a person that is motivated to learn metal spinning. It is understood that metal spinning is a very specialized type of metal forming and the skills of the job can and will be taught to the individual who is hired to be a 3rd class spinner. Any experience with metal forming (stamping, forging, rolling, etc.) or metal working (grinding, cutting, machining) can help a candidate learn spin forming faster. We are a Union shop that provides many benefits, that aren't seen that often in the metal working industry. There is also the opportunity to climb the ranks and become a 2nd class or 1st class spinner with addition pay. Below is a copy of the 3rd class spinner Tasks and requirements:

Job Title: Third Class Spinner

Division: Spincraft

Description of Tasks:

  • Read and interpret all drawings.
  • Use steel rules, pi tapes, vernier calipers, pre-engineered gauges etc.
  • Sharpen and use trimming tools and carbide cutting tools as required.
  • Setup , Spin, trim a few common production jobs, repeat, pre-engineered in common metals with minimal supervision.
  • Control metal thickness and control dimensions as necessary with minimal supervision
  • Recognize when metal is thinning or not moving as expected, take necessary steps to remedy the condition with some degree of supervision.
  • Operating head stock and compounds to perform job, rotating of the tooling or part, setting up, starting and monitoring torches to achieve and maintain proper tooling and part temperatures.
  • Instruct helper in all aspects of set-ups and spin helper operations.
  • Work closely with Engineering to develop processes and procedures. Determine and request manpower required to effectively produce product
  • Acquire and perfect enough “know how” to service own tools, rollers, live centers, etc. (if necessary)
  • Safely rig and lift large heavy parts, tools, spinning compounds, floor sections, and all other items required to set up a job and select proper equipment to complete this task.
  • Set up expander on all jobs pre-engineered or not, and operate the expander with some degree of supervision
  • Be neat and orderly around work area
  • Be dependable, work well with others and focused on job being done
  • Be neat and orderly around work area
  • Perform other duties as necessary in order to complete other tasks.
  • Tradesperson demonstrations a working knowledge and follow all of the PPE requirements for the utility position.
  • Must have or be able to obtain a valid OSHA fork truck license and hold 1C and 3A hoisting license.
  • Demonstrate accuracy in all documentation and job reporting
  • Be dependable, work well with others and focused on job being done
  • This list is not inclusive.



1. Spin Lathe 2. Crowbars 3. Mechanic Tools

2. Torches 5. Sledge Hammer


SITTING ______%

STANDING _100__%

WALKING ______%

JOB ACTIVITIES (this list is not all encompassing)

  • CLIMBING OCCASIONALLY To climb on top of spinner
  • FREQUENTLY To climb up steps of the spin lathe
  • BENDING OCCASIONALLY To load and unload steel parts from spinner.
  • STOOPING OCCASIONALLY To load and unload steel parts from spinner.
  • KNEELING OCCASIONALLY To load and unload steel parts from spinner.
  • CRAWLING OCCASIONALLY To load and unload steel parts from spinner.
  • LIFTING OCCASIONALLY 75-100 lbs. To lift compound lifting poles.
  • FREQUENTLY 25-50 lbs. To lift compound lifting poles
  • HEAVIEST The heaviest weight lifted is a compound lifting rod weighing 100 lbs.
  • CARRYING OCCASIONALLY 75-100 lbs. To carry compound lifting rods
  • FREQUENTLY 25-50 lbs to carry various parts and tools
  • PUSHING OCCASIONALLY When using Allen wrench to load and unload steel parts from lathe.
  • PULLING OCCASIONALLY When using wrench to secure machines to floor.
  • REACHING OCCASIONALLY To turn on/off torch valve at a height of 6 feet.
  • HANDLING OCCASIONALLY To use heavy machine tools
  • FINGERING OCCASIONALY To regulate torch valves.


Safety shoes, hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection during hot forming and grinding, heat suits as deemed necessary by management, gloves and respirators as needed.


High School diploma or G.E.D. in conjunction with the ability to read and understand blueprints and process planning.


Normal workday as designated by shift.


Normal room temperature 85% of workday.

Hot Spinning temperatures:

100 deg. –4 hours maximum with 1 ten minute rest period per hour.

115 deg. –3 hours maximum with 1 ten minute rest period per hour.

115 deg. –2 hours maximum with 1 ten minute rest period per hour.

*Note – rest periods can be increased in frequency if needed by the individual

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $25.80 to $32.71 /hour

NOTE:  Applicants must be US citizens due to the nature of our contracts.
Facility :
  • Spincraft MA, North Billerica
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