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North American Sales

Market Phone Number Email
Aviation 262.432.1803 US Aircraft
Defense 978.215.2126 US Defense
Energy 262.432.1803 US Energy
Medical 978.215.2105 US Medical
Space Systems 978.215.2101 US Space Systems
Other Markets 978.215.2105 US Other

UK/European Sales

Market Phone Number Email
Aviation: Aircraft Products 44(0)778.099.7811 UK Aviation
Defence 44(0)191.229.3565 UK Defence
Energy 44(0)191.229.3565 UK Energy
Medical 44(0)191.229.3565 UK Medical
Space Systems 44(0)191.229.3565 UK Space Systems
Other Markets 44(0)191.229.3565 UK Other


  • Spincraft MA

    Spincraft MA

    500 Iron Horse Park
    North Billerica, MA 01862
  • Spincraft WI Commerce St

    Spincraft WI

    2455 Commerce Dr.
    New Berlin, WI 53151
  • Spincraft WI Beloit Rd

    Spincraft WI

    16100 West Beloit Road
    New Berlin, WI 53151
  • Spincraft UK Newburn

    Spincraft UK: Spincraft ETG Limited

    9 Shelley Road
    Newcastle upon Tyne,
    Newburn Industrial Estate
    Newburn NE15 9RT
  • Spincraft UK Whitehouse

    Spincraft UK: Spincraft ETG Limited

    Whitehouse Road
    Newcastle upon Tyne,
    Off Scotswood Road
    NE15 6LJ


Market Phone Number Email
Spincraft WI 262.784.8440 WI Vendor
Spincraft UK UK Vendor
Spincraft MA 978.667.2771 MA Vendor


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With six facilities located in the US and UK, the Standex ETG group provides global manufacturing solutions through collaborative engineering efforts. Precision net and near-net forming technologies are utilized with vertically integrated manufacturing processes. The results are fabrications delivered with reduced input weight, part-count and cycle times. Learn More.